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  • 1 - What is meant by the term "Face Value"?"
    The term ‘face value’ is the original price of the ticket when it goes on general public sale via direct booking lines and websites. It is called this as it will be the price printed on the ticket itself when it is received. a new question go to app settings and press "Manage Questions" button.
  • 2 - Why are tickets more expensive than the face value?
    When an event is sold out or impossible to get good seats for directly, tickets are sourced through a network of agents and or secondary market brokers, who will charge a premium on top of the original ticket price. There are a number of factors involved in their pricing, but the primary causes being supply and demand.
  • 3 -Why are tickets more expensive than some suppliers or on certain internet sites
    We do not source through suppliers or fellow agents that we do not know or trust. Many websites and companies offer tickets they do not necessarily have access to, and as a result using random companies found through an internet search does not guarantee quality. In most instances a slightly higher cost is actually an assurance of quality and peace of mind.
  • 4 -What tickets do we offer?
    In most cases we attempt to offer a range of options, so that the member has a choice. In some cases, this will not be possible, and we will quote the best available seating information, e.g. for concerts at the O2 arena, we may only have options for tickets in Block 102 with VIP Lounge passes. The Primary link on the website allows users to peruse a wide range of seats and access a wealth of knowledge. We will always offer best possible tickets in the first instance on all requests, as we are only ever able to hold one set of tickets per performance. If after they are offered the member wishes to spend less or does not want as good a location, we can investigate this further. We can always refine what we offer the member using the following key pieces of information: - Date: If there are a range of dates, and the member can give a preference, we will offer specifically based on that information. - Budget: If the member has a set amount they wish to spend, we will do our best to offer something within that budget, where possible. - Number of tickets: If a supplier knows they have 2 tickets in a certain location, and we know the member only wants 2 tickets, we can offer these specifically. Vice versa, if a member actually requires more than 2, we will know to check other options.
  • 5a - Why can we not purchase tickets from EBay or other internet auction style sites?
    There is a very high risk involved, as sites like eBay, Viagogo, StubHub etc, cannot guarantee that the sellers on their site have the items they promise. Another factor for consideration with sites like Viagogo, is they do not regulate their sellers, and whilst anyone purchasing tickets would get a full refund if there was a problem, the problems would only become obvious very close to the event when securing other tickets would be more difficult and likely to be more expensive, therefore upsetting buyers further.
  • 5b - I found the tickets cheaper on Stubhub / Gumtree / Viagogo – can I present this to the Member and can Lifestyle Tickets price-match?
    In short, NO! These fan-to-fan ticket sales sites are notoriously unreliable and we have had numerous issues with tickets not showing up in the past. One of the reasons we have partnered with Lifestyle Tickets is their reliability, we have worked with them for more than 15 years. ​
  • 5c -“If a Member specifically requests that you use Stubhub / Gumtree / Viagogo etc.”
    Please explain that we strongly recommend against them and send the following disclaimer, if they consent to the terms you may proceed with the booking. Disclaimer to send: ​ ‘Although I am able to book this at your request, I would like to disclose that ____ is not a validated supplier of the Quintessentially network, therefore Quintessentially is unable to accept any responsibility for complications that may arise around this booking. Should you be happy to proceed on these terms kindly let me know and I will process this for you now.’
  • 6 - What is meant by the terms ‘Front third’/’Middle third’/’Rear third’/’Reserved seat’?
    When quoting tickets for concerts, if suppliers do not have their exact seating allocations or even block numbers, they will be able to quote prices based on securing tickets within certain sections of the venue (using the below image as a guideline only). - Front third: The third of the venue closest to the stage. - Middle third: The third of the venue in the middle. - Rear third: The third of the venue furthest from the stage. - Reserved seats: This is quoted when an event is particularly hard to secure seat details for and a supplier is able to say they will get a ticket, but cannot give any information regarding the quality of seating at time of purchase/confirmation.
  • 7a - “A supplier has offered me a cheaper rate, but the tickets are completely different to Lifestyle Tickets’ offer”"
    Lifestyle Tickets should be given the chance to price-match “like-for-like” offerings, which means if a cheaper option is offered from another supplier that is different to Lifestyle Tickets offering in any way (i.e. a different section of the arena, or has no hospitality inclusions etc.) – we must communicate this to Lifestyle Tickets first before proceeding so they can price-match for the same option.
  • 7b - “I’ve managed to find the tickets from a different supplier, but they are only on hold for 20mins”"
    Lifestyle Tickets have one-hour to price-match a cheaper quote from an alternative supplier. However, if the case is extremely time-sensitive and the option will be lost within an hour – communicate this to Lifestyle Tickets. Lifestyle Tickets must give an honest appraisal of their ability to secure a like-for-like quote before the alternative option is lost.
  • 7c - "Lifestyle Tickets have told me they can’t assist, but I’ve just found the tickets through an alternative supplier""
    In this situation, you should share the quote, and the supplier name with Lifestyle Tickets. They work with several partners and can negotiate with other agents in order to match, or even beat, the quote. LT will either secure this rate through their trade contacts or if they are unable to, at least confirm the validity of the tickets being offered.
  • 8a - Why do we only quote ‘Along Side’ or ‘Behind Goal’ for most sporting (football/rugby) events?
    For a similar reason to the seating information quoted for concerts, suppliers again may know they will be able to provide tickets in a certain section but cannot give exact details. - Along Side (of the Pitch): The stands on the long sides of the pitch. These can be anywhere between the corners (as below). - Behind Goal: The stands behind the goal (as below).
  • 8b -Why do we need to know which football team a member supports?
    It is illegal for us to knowingly sell tickets to a member for the opposition team, e.g. If a member supports Manchester United and they are playing Chelsea, we cannot knowingly sell them Chelsea section tickets, as this is illegal and they risk ejection from the ground.
  • 9 - What happens when it is recommended that tickets are sold in pairs?
    There are very few situations where there is a surcharge on odd number ticket purchases or groups (e.g. Wimbledon). This is determined by the venue directly, and Lifestyle Tickets will inform you of the surcharge.
  • 10 - Are Lifestyle Tickets able to let us know when they can hold tickets?
    Yes, please ask them directly if the option is held for you and for how long.
  • 11 - If the member wants to resell his tickets that were purchased through LT and is willing to decrease the price in order to sell them, can we offer these tickets proactively to our members at a discounted price"
    In the first instance consult with Lifestyle Tickets to make them aware of the situation and ask for their approval to proactively promote the resale directly to other Q Members. The answer will depend on a number of factors and may vary on a case by case basis. ​
  • 12 - Why can it take a long time to source ticket options for a specific event?
    When an event is sold out and suppliers and contacts are not holding nor have immediate access to tickets they can offer, it may take a longer time for them to source options for us. As a result, expectations need to be managed, for these requests could potentially take weeks or longer to gain access to. ​
  • 13a - Why are most tickets sent out so close to the event?
    For security reasons, more and more event promoters and organisers issue tickets close to the event. This is an attempt to avoid fraud, theft or loss of tickets. As a result, our suppliers and contacts have to wait until they receive tickets in order to have them sent to our members. This can be as late as the day of the event, as per our terms and conditions. ​ ​
  • 13b - Why do we not send tickets overseas in advance of the event?
    We do not send tickets to a location other than the UK or the country of the event purely for security reasons. Even using secure couriers such as FedEx or UPS has in some cases caused us problems due to loss or delay. If this happens, there is very little we can do to replace the lost tickets, resulting in an unhappy member and a massive problem that will be almost impossible to resolve satisfactorily prior to the event. As a result, for security and safety, we only despatch to an address in the UK (preferably London) or local to the event, e.g. if the concert is in Barcelona, a hotel, work or residential address in Barcelona.
  • 13c - Tickets | Delivery
    As technology changes so do the methods in which tickets as distributed. Please be aware that at time of booking this is not always made clear and so, tickets may be paper versions, e-tickets or a mobile ticket downloadable through an App.
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